Government & State-Owned Entities

Public sector entities (government departments, publicly controlled or publicly funded agencies, enterprises, and other entities that deliver public programs, goods, or services) are under immense pressure to provide services in the most cost-effective manner. “Doing more with less” has become the mantra, but it can be challenging for an organisation to determine if its operations are fully optimised.

Organisations should ask the following questions:


Are we organised in a way that allows us to deliver services effectively and efficiently?


How efficient and cost effective are we at delivering services?


Should we consider alternative service delivery models?


Do our business processes promote efficient service delivery?


Do we leverage technology in the best possible way?


Are we responding to our consumers’ needs in a timely manner?

When implementing strategic practices to take public sector entities (government departments, authority, agency or judicial body) to the next level, having the guidance and insight of innovation experts who have a global network of more than 160 specialists in over 20 countries can be just the thing you need to unlock your potential. Our team will show you how to radically transform and improve your business/operating model.

Hennie Krige

Chartered Accountant since 2020 and Associate director of Pretoria East Branch since March 2022. With experience in the field of auditing, assurance, tax, advisory and forensic accounting, he’s been involved with a wide variety of locally owned audit clients operating in a range of economic sectors including co-operative banking, retail, manufacturing, and non- profit organisations.