Operational excellence is making the next logical step. Innovation is a JUMP!

Innovation does not mean Invention!! It means looking for new introductions and/or new improvements that can be implemented in your business.  Innovation excellence could mean devising innovative ways to short circuit a process which could involve technology, a new business process, digitisation, and fourth industrial revolution elements.


How can we optimise your cash flow? We believe the journey commences with how a process can be “innovated” to a degree that an end goal is clearly mapped, and is implementable, measurable, and supported by all stakeholders within the company.


Our goal is to provide tools that ensure not only learning, but application and business impact. We provide the tools needed to think out of the box and come up with incredible ideas. We are not stereotyped in our approach. Our Innovators Interchange grants access to a collective of people from various fields of expertise to help you focus on ALL the necessary aspects.

Who Benefits?

Government State-owned Entities that want to:


Innovate their organisations, profit models, configuration, products and services, structure, customer experience, increase their brand presence, platform and channels


Train employees on how to innovate (create a culture of innovation)

Why us?

Global network of innovation facilitators

Various proven methodologies geared towards your needs

The tool and platforms

A track record of interventions globally

Online and in person

The right approach and tools for the job

Concrete business cases as deliverables

Hennie Krige

Chartered Accountant since 2020 and Associate director of Pretoria East Branch since March 2022. With experience in the field of auditing, assurance, tax, advisory and forensic accounting, he’s been involved with a wide variety of locally owned audit clients operating in a range of economic sectors including co-operative banking, retail, manufacturing, and non- profit organisations.