Small to Medium Companies

“When everything is coming your way, you’re in the wrong lane”

– Steven Wright

When implementing strategic practices to take your business to the next level, having the guidance and insight of business development experts who have a global network can be just the thing you need to unlock your potential. We understand the needs of SMME’S and our team will guide you on your journey, grow your business and transform every project or venture you tackle.

At Middel & Partners, we believe that achieving greatness for yourself and for your business, is a journey; A journey that is constantly shifting and evolving. It tests your ambition, your drive, your ability, and your dedication. It is a challenging journey. However, when you arrive at greatness, you know it is a reward that is well-earned.

Hennie Krige

Chartered Accountant since 2020 and Associate director of Pretoria East Branch since March 2022. With experience in the field of auditing, assurance, tax, advisory and forensic accounting, he’s been involved with a wide variety of locally owned audit clients operating in a range of economic sectors including co-operative banking, retail, manufacturing, and non- profit organisations.