Leadership Development

Learn to refocus on “what’s first”, by knowing who you are as a leader.
Today, more than ever, public companies are required to promote sound business practices, demonstrate their efficiency, and go beyond the status quo to deliver their services to the community. In order to do this, decisive leadership is required where followers can view them as credible leaders who can be trusted to take care of them and the community they serve.

It is our view that it is time for public companies to have responsible visionary leaders, and to this end, we offer an intensive one-day Visionary Leadership Workshop where leaders, instead of focusing on “what’s next”, will learn to refocus on “what’s first”, which means knowing themselves as leaders, where they are going and what will guide them on their journey – having a vision.

This is followed by a one-day Team Development Day in which their respective teams will be guided through a process to gain self-awareness, develop team goals, and to unlock their potential so that they can truly become a high-performance team. This program makes use of the Enneagram as a diagnostic instrument for team development and the implementation of team goals, accompanied by the Achievement Learning Process, developed by Schaffer Consulting in the USA.

Hennie Krige

Chartered Accountant since 2020 and Associate director of Pretoria East Branch since March 2022. With experience in the field of auditing, assurance, tax, advisory and forensic accounting, he’s been involved with a wide variety of locally owned audit clients operating in a range of economic sectors including co-operative banking, retail, manufacturing, and non- profit organisations.