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Knowledge is power, especially when navigating B-BBEE. Middel & Partners bring over 20 years of business and financial experience to the table. This accumulated knowledge makes Middel & Partners a formidable partner in B-BBEE solutions.

With the assistance of our B-BBEE consultants, we can help you unlock the true potential of your business and help you manage B-BBEE in a constructive manner.

B-BBEE Service Offering

Preliminary Assessment:
This determines your business’s preliminary B-BBEE status prior to incurring any cost of Consultation or Verification. This is vital in view of the onerous Amended Codes of Good Practice, which came into effect on 1 May 2015.

Gap Analysis:
This process involves applying previous years’ measurement data (or year-to-date data) to the amended scorecard requirements and reporting on the ‘gaps’ in terms of the Codes of Good Practice. This report equips you to decide whether you want to first obtain consultation or proceed directly to the actual verification.

Scenario Planning:
This involves examining various scenarios and their effect on your BEE rating in order for you to decide which scenarios you wish to implement.

Consultation involves assisting with specific interventions to improve B-BBEE status, which includes structuring black ownership deals. Consultation services are also available on a retainer basis, which means you receive a monthly report on your status and on where changes need to be made.

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