When facing important strategic decisions, it helps to have the advice and assistance of someone with proven expertise, experience, and an external business perspective. Do you know the true potential of your business? And do you know how to access or interpret the management information you need to get answers?  At Middel & Partners our advisory team can source and analyse critical management information to assist your business with the strategic decision making process.

We advise our clients and implement systems to ensure that they have the information they need for future growth. The failure of many a business is mainly due to a lack of accurate management information and the knowledge to interpret it. Our team will show you how to transform every project or venture you tackle, radically, and how to do so with innovation and enthusiasm. 

With our expertise in strategic financial analysis, we prepare our clients to be able to use financial and operational data effectively. This can be applied in a variety of critical decision-making contexts, whether the focus is on your own company’s performance or on potential acquisitions, competitors or partners.

We can assist you with:

Innovation Facilitation

FORTH Innovation Method

The Forth Method


Product life cycles have decreased by a factor of 4 over the last fifty years, making innovation essential. However, innovation is often difficult, risky and a drain on resources. A lot of unnecessary mistakes are made over and over again as companies innovate.

The FORTH innovation method is a structured innovation approach to start innovation effectively, combining design thinking and business reality. This methodology was developed over 10 years  originated by Gijs van Wulfen.

5 Step Expedition. FORTH is an acronym found in the first letter of each of the 5 steps: Full Steam Ahead, Observe & Learn, Raise Ideas, Test Ideas and Homecoming. It is a 15-workshop expedition, which takes 15 weeks as of the Kick-off.

Multi-disciplinary team. No steering committees; no working groups. A FORTH core team of 8 – 10 people will spend around 20 days in this 15-week period. The decision makers join the expedition as extended team members for 6 days to co-learn, co-work and co-decide. That creates maximum internal support from the start.

Concrete business cases as deliverables. At the end of the 15 weeks, the innovation expedition delivers 3-5 mini new business cases for innovative concepts, which fit the ‘in the box’ reality of your organization. They fit your innovation assignment, made yourselves at the first workshop.

Kick-start a culture for innovation. The intensive FORTH process empowers your people to postpone judgement, observe & learn, ideate new ideas and deliver new business cases. At the end of the journey their innovative mind-set is their main personal take-away.

Proven methodology. Scientific research among FORTH users proves that out of 100 ideas, 78 are taken into development and 51 are introduced, compared to 21 in an average stage-gated process. FORTH at least doubles your innovation effectiveness.

Users. The FORTH method is implemented by organizations all over the world. Both in the profit sector, like 3M (USA), Averda (Middle East), Schattdecor (Germany) and Bruil (Netherlands) as in the non-profit sector, like UNHCR (Kenia), SENAI/SESI (Brazil) and healthcare organisations (Japan).

Facilitation. FORTH is facilitated by a FORTH facilitator and lead by an internal project leader.

Costs. The cost is low compared to other innovation initiatives. The process makes use of Inside-Out Innovation and utilising your intern resources together with one Middel & Partners Facilitator instead of numerous expensive outside consultants.

Innovation Facilitation Booklet
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  • Developing strategy within Joint Ventures and its components;
  • Strategy formulation and execution;
  • Implementing strategies to build and sustain a competitive advantage;
  • Turning viable opportunities into well-defined business initiatives by creating a focused development strategy;
  • Developing an effective business plan;
  • Creating "pitches" to sell the idea to investors, customers, partners and key employees;
  • Attracting top talent and vital resources required to turn a vision into reality;
  • Adapting the strategy, organisation and leadership model as the business grows;
  • Recognising and managing risk, while creating and measuring value.

Financial Modelling

  • Evaluating a project’s current financial position and its likely future performance;
  • Exploring key success factors and potential risks that may affect business or project performance;
  • Determining how well those success factors and risks are being managed;
  • Maximise the value attained through efficient deployment of assets by calculating the optimum output and return on investment;
  • Desktop pre-feasibility and feasibility analysis.

Management Consulting

There are stages in business where it is helpful to access advice from outside of your management team. Our team comprises experts from a variety of backgrounds, giving a strong, complementary blend of skills and experience. We understand that you may require a bespoke business solution and guidance through the implementation stages.

Our Management Consultants can help you deal with internal issues affecting performance or address external risks or opportunities.

Strategic Negotiations

  • Achieving greater effectiveness at the negotiating table. Specifically with cross border and complex or challenging negotiations;
  • Crafting deals that create maximum value for all parties on a sustainable basis;
  • Productively managing the tension between creating value jointly and claiming value individually;
  • Effectively handle complexities, such as synchronizing internal and external negotiations; dealing with multiple parties, issues, and agendas; and negotiating within evolving time frames.

Market Analysis and Research

When faced with important decisions, Middel & Partners, together with our strategic partners, provides clients with valuable market analysis data to enable calculated decision making.

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