Go Forth and Prosper POWWOW

Explore applied innovation

The GO FORTH and PROSPER POWWOW is an interactive event in the form of presentations, conversations and experiential exploration of applied innovation from a global perspective.

The main driver behind the event is a practical, implementable glimpse at answering the brain-busting question on the agenda of every organisation concerned with staying relevant, competitive and prosperous - How to start effective innovation?

Event Date

Date: 19 April

Interactive Pod Experience
  Start time: 14:00
  End time: 16:00

Discussion Sessions:
  Start time: 16:50
  End time: 19:20

Cocktail Event:
  Start time: 19:30

Dress code: Smart casual


Location and venue

11 Mackay Ave,



  • Gijs van Wulfen
  • Nico Steyn - IOT.nxt
  • Teddy Daka - Ansys Limited
  • Jonatan Jacobs - University of Pretoria: Research centre in Mining and Engineering
  • James Gaydon - Dondoo
  • Murray Barlow - Rustenburg Wines
  • Gil Arbel - Agri-living and Agri-mining
  • Hasan Darwish - North West University and Entrepreneur
  • Russel Stone - Russel Stone Group
  • Eugene Preis - University of Pretoria: Research centre in Mining and Engineering



Time   Presented by
14:00 - 16:00 Experiential POD viewing and Collaboration DonDoo
Chocolate Tribe
Creative Interactive
Nico Steyn
Gill Arbel
16:00 Welcoming Coenie Middel
16:10 - 16:50 FORTH - keynote Gijs van Wulfen
16:50 - 18:00 Panel discussion 1 - Technology as an enabler for Growth Panel Facilitator: Coenie Middel
Nico Steyn
Teddy Daka
Jonatan Jacobs
James Gaydon
18:00 -18:10 10 Minute Break
18:10 - 19:20 Panel discussion 2 - Applied Innovation & Entrepreneurship Panel Facilitator: Coenie Middel
Murray Barlow
Gil Arbel
Hasan Darwish
Russel Stone
Eugene Preis
19:20 - 19:30 Closing and Summary Coenie Middel
19:30 Cocktail Party


Travel & Parking

Parking is extremely limited so we would advise making use of other alternatives as mentioned below.

Public parking has been arranged for guests not making use of alternative transportation and will be available in the Blairgowrie Park, Conrad Road. Our ushers will be on route guiding you on the day.



The nearest Gautrain station is the Sandton Gautrain station, approximately 6km from venue.

For detailed schedules visit the Gautrain website at

For more information or a fare estimate visit the Uber website and download the free app from the Apple App store or from Google Play.

Innovate. Everyone claims to. Few actually do. Ask yourself:

  • Do you really innovate?
  • Can your company convert social and economic uncertainty into strategic opportunity?
  • How and where do you start on innovation?
  • Why do some companies succeed and others fail on innovation?
  • How do you address innovation for the enterprise, business systems, products, services and customer-facing elements?
  • Do you want your workforce to be visionary, agile and innovative thinking machines?


What you’ll get out of the GO FORTH and PROSPER POWWOW:

  • Eye-opening insight into the technical skill of applied innovation.
  • An introduction to the FORTH Innovation Method’s skills and processes.
  • Skills to instil a culture of structured innovation in your organisation and grow your confidence in your people’s ability to create and solve problems.
  • Discover your organisation’s potential within the context of global innovation and applied creative thinking processes.

Delegates will be exposed to important ideas and innovative intellectual property. They will also be able to share in, and learn from the way the world’s creativity leaders approach team work, discussions, debates and idea sharing. This event will offer a keynote from world renowned Gijs van Wulfen and conversations between leading innovative figures, discussing entrepreneurial success stories, aspects of business innovation and the practical implementation thereof. Exploring applied innovation will also allow delegates to explore the physical reality of innovative thinking through experiential Pod's.