Planning Your Practice

14-15 November 2018

SAIBA’s Planning Your Practice for 2019 Bootcamp is a two-day event which will explore how to be successful in practice management in today’s challenging climate and will give you the tools to put together your very own strategic business plan for 2019. 

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Past Events

The Middel & Partners INNOVADERS INTERCHANGE 2018 was the inaugural episode around and about mastering that elusive and coveted business practice called INNOVATION.

INNOVADERS INTERCHANGE empowers business leaders to explore, investigate, structure and ultimately apply effective, innovation inside their organisations.

It consisted of two separate, but interconnected events:



Innovation Masterclass: How to start innovation effectively.

17-18 April 2018

For the first time ever in South Africa Gijs van Wulfen and Coenie Middel hosted a two day interactive masterclass where delegates learned about the FORTH innovation method for business case creation that ensures that innovation excellence generate profits for tomorrow.

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Go Forth and Prosper POWWOW

19 April 2018

A presentation, conversation and experiential exploration of applied innovation from a global perspective.

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